School History

The Happy Hollow school site is a part of the "Happy Hollow Farm" which was immortalized in many stories in national magazines and books written by William R. Lighton during the early 1900's. In 1908, William Lighton bought the land and turned it into a productive organic farm. A writer and novelist, Lighton, published an article about the farm in the Saturday Evening Post that later led to a book, Happy Hollow Farm(1914), describing the trials and successes on the farm, that coincided with a "back to the land" movement, and subsequently attracted scores of people to the beauty and affordability of land in Northwest Arkansas.

The original Happy Hollow Elementary School, built in 1972, was an open concept school, where architecture and philosophy foundcommon ground. Few walls obstructed the view of students, staff and administrators into classrooms throughout the building. The openness was indicative of the school's philosophy of education; the staff is open to new curricula, new ideas, and new ways of solving problems. Even though Happy Hollow moved into a new building with walls in 2011, we still work to eliminate the walls between disciplines and between the school and the community. The school's staff is willing to take risks, and their open attitude pays off in terms of student success.

Happy Hollow is on a Continuous Learning Calendar (CLC). CLC is an alternative schedule for learning. Students attend school the same number of days as those students on a traditional calendar but with more frequent breaks to provide enrichment opportunities as well as point-in-time remediation